Please take a moment to look through this document. There are SO MANY amazing opportunities and experiences that local universities offer high school band students. Mrs. Logan & myself actually met in high school through several different local honor band/ensemble opportunities!

Take advantage of this! You do NOT need to be interested in studying or pursuing music past high school to participate in these activities. But, if you are interested these opportunities are  DEFINITELY beneficial to explore!

Mrs. Logan & myself want to see you students get more involved. It is easy to take for granted how wonderful it is to be in Ohio. We live in an extremely affluent area for music & music education full of amazing opportunities! We want you to be interested in these and we want to help you prepare!

As you are looking through the document please visit the websites/URL’s and pay close attention to deadlines/dates/fees. Again, these are NOT all the opportunities out there, but this list provides quite a few! Please research on your own as well!

Musically Yours,

Mr. Ciulla

SHS Bands: Honor Band & College Opportunities